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The First Church of Jerusalem. We have fraternal Communion with the all over the world. We are a Congregation that lives in the segment of the Primitive Church of the Apostles on Mount Zion in Jerusalem Capital of Israel. We use the Hebrew Luah Calendar, as it is the truest and most accurate calendar. Our religious services are in Hebrew, Aramaic, or in the language of the country where we have our missionary services. We baptize by immersion, as in the early Church, Baptism comes from the Hebrew word Tevilah meaning immersion. We have kept our Apostolic succession valid until today. We never participate in Schism and we do not support or recognize such evil actions created by evil men greedy for power and status. and we accept our Orthodox brethren and all of the Primitive Churches with all love and Intercommunion. 

Our  Rosh Abuna Dr. Robert Cohen Gadol  is the representative of our Community in Brazil and in various parts of the world. Mary  never is the mother of our community. We are worshipers of the living and true God of our Holy Patriarch Avraham, we do not follow the customs of the pagan Emperor Constantine who introduced various heresies and evil cults into the Church and caused a trajectory of deaths and evil against humanity.

WE ARE REGISTERED IN BRAZIL TOO, BUT WE ARE AMERICANS AND HEBREWS WITH MUCH HONOR AND PRIDE, WITH A VISION OF THE 21st CENTURY, UNITED IN THE MOLD OF THE PRIMITIVE CHURCH. WE DO NOT USE IMAGES OR ICONS IN OUR CHURCHES, WE DON´T WORSHIP SAINTS. In our conception all are saints, as the Scriptures command us: For it is written, 'Be holy, for I am holy. But as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your ways; 1 Peter 1:15,16.

Our Church keeps the precepts of the primitive community of the early days of the Patriarchs in Israel. We are a continuation of the Acts of the Apostles and the community of the first followers of the way , as the Nazarenes were called historically and archaeologically recognized by the Israeli authorities. So we are born from the fountain that flowed from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. We recognize all the Churches that profess the same faith and precepts, including the Roman Church founded by Constantine in 325, but we do not agree with some of the customs that were introduced in the Roman Church, which destroyed the lives of many families and nations and collaborated with atrocious persecutions against those who served and serve God. We recognize the Pentecostal movements and the wonders of divine power at work in the 21st century.

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