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American Bar Association - Advogado Internacional MEMBER ID: 05668601.

Sob o Registro Federal: 87 - 3436706.

Notário Público nos USA - Escrivão Público ID: 954674.

American Society of Notaries



Farmaceutico CEF Bahia

Administrador CRA GO

Médico Neurobiomolecular USA

Bacharél em Direito Brasil

Advogado nos USA  sob o Registro Federal: 87 - 3436706.

Patrocinador da

Administrador registrado no

Fuerzas de Defensa de

Prestamos e  total apoio e suporte ao

Membro da

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Friends of the IDF (FIDF)


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CNPJ: 42.378.137/0001-24.

Registro Federal Nos USA: Document Number: N17000009263. FEI/EIN Number: 81 - 5353074.

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Estou cursando Odontologia no 2 periodo na

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Mestrado e Doutorado em Medicina Neurobiomolecular pela

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Pátrias irmãs sempre unidas e forte!




Research in neuroscience, neuropsychoanalysis, lectures in neuropsychology, scientific research.

Group Coordinator:

Roberto Cohen





Address: Av. Dr. Ismerino Soares de Carvalho, N. 595,

Sala 501- Setor Aeroporto. CEP: 74075-040.

Goiânia – GO – Brazil

Meeting Schedule:

Every week.

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We are sponsors and donors of the American Friends of Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. It is impossible to imagine Israel without its Philharmonic Orchestra.– Shimon Peres: Israeli President, Prime Minister & Nobel Prize Laureate American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic OrchestraFor nearly 80 years there has been a strong bond between North America and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. In fact, the IPO would not have come into existence without this vital relationship. In 1936, legendary scientist Albert Einstein hosted one of the first major fundraisers at the Waldorf Astoria, securing the financial support needed to officially form the Orchestra.American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (AFIPO) was created in 1980 to formalize and broaden this relationship and tradition of giving. From the beginning, the fate of the IPO has rested largely in the hands of its North American supporters. In addition to generating an endowment and increasing the reach of the Orchestra through financial support of national and international tours, AFIPO was also instrumental in developing KeyNote, the educational arm of the IPO. KeyNote programs bring the joy of classical music to over 29,000 children in Israel each year, while promoting tolerance and mutual respect.
We are sponsors and supporters of the National Defense Foundation. The NATIONAL DEFENSE FOUNDATION

Damos total suporte a:

We support Israel Security Agency.
Closing out an impressive year of growth, the IAC held the first Israeli-American Community National Conference in Washington DC. During 2014-15 the organization is serving over 150,000 participants through a wide array of programs and events. The IAC continues its outreach efforts with plans to open more regional offices to meet the growing and evolving needs of the estimated 500,000 – 800,000 Israeli-Americans currently living in the United
We give a total support to MDA.
(MDA) is Israel’s ambulance, blood-services, and disaster-relief organization, serving as emergency medical first responders for the state’s 8 million people. MDA is the only organization mandated by the Israeli government to serve in this role, but it’s not a government agency, so it relies on people like you for funding. Through your gift, you’re saving thousands of Israeli lives, including:
We are member sponsor and supporter of United States Armed Forces Association , and the representative of Admir there.
The American Patriot Foundation was formed as a non-partisan, non-profit national foundation with the primary function of educating the American public as to the importance and relevance in today's society of the United States Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers and other founding documents.
Dr. Zigmund Ziegler Cohen is a member of the Center for Education Diplomacy, and the representative of Admir there.

Dr. Zigmund Ziegler Roberto Cohen is a member of the Association for Chilhood Education International, and the representative of Admir there.
Association for Childhood Education International.

Bio: Member of the United Nations Medical Corps Mission Intergovernmental Organization  Federal Supreme Court Intergovernmental Organization USA Army Historical Foundation New York Academy of Sciences, United Nations Association of United States of America. United Nations Association of United Kingdom. American College of Physicians, World Medical Association, American Psychology Association, International Board of Medicine and Surgery, American Medical Medical Corps, Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Catholic Medical Association, Interamerican College of Physicians and Surgeons, International Neuro Psychoanalysis Society, Doctors Academy, American Israeli Medical Association, World Academy of Medicine, Euro Federation of Psychoanalysis, American Council of Higher Education and Accreditation, Missionaries of Charity Secular Franciscan Order President of The College of Neuropsychoanalysis, Registered in Israel and USA Member of the American Pontifical Catholic University, Brazilian Society of Integrative Psychoanalysis, American Psychiatry Association, American Neuropsychiatric Association, President of American College of Neuropsychoanalysis American College of Psychosomatic Medicine, American University, Member of American Academy of Medicine, Registered by Florida Department of State And Washington Department of State, American Psychological Association, Deputy Consul of First Children's Embassy of Republic of Macedonia to Sao Paulo Brazil, Ambassador of the Diplomatic Mission of Peace and Prosperity of Republic of Albania, Ambassador of American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations, Erich Fromm Humanistic Society, Einstein College Brazil, Institute of Humanistic Psychoanalysis in Brazil, American Physician Scientist Association, Erich Fromm International Society in Germany. European Psychiatric Association, European Medical Association, European Academy of Medicine, European Federation of Neurological Society, World Academy of Medical Societies, American Physician Scientists Association, Federation of American Scientists, American China Psychoanalytic Alliance. International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology. American Psychological Association Psychoanalysis Division 39. The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center. United Nations Association of Great Britain. United States Naval Institute. American Association of United Natinos Peacekeeping Forces. United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. USA War College Association. American Academy of Psychiatry American Academy of Psychiatry American Academy of Psychiatry American Academy of Psychiatry US Army Military Chaplains Association of United States of America United Nations Mission of International Relations Intergovernmental Organization American Political Science Association. International Law Association Amnesty International USA Parliament Air Space and Missile Defense Association National Republican Senatorial Committee www American Intelligence Agency UNESCO Center for Peace American Air Force Association Arizona Psychoanalytic Society American Military Society International Police Association American Chapter Brazilian Association of the International Peace Forces of UN International Criminal Justice Association The American Association for Advancement of Science Association of Certified Background Investigators Marine Corps Association & Foundation Einstein College United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Saint Thomas Aquinas University Pontifical Catholic University of America Uniate Expert Psychiatrist member of the National Council of Judicial Experts of the Federative Republic of Brazil CONPEJ American International Commission of Diplomatic Relations and Human Rights American Academy of Clinical Psychiatrists World Catholic Medical Mission Intergovernmental Organization American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations www. 

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