After hearing the Episcopal Council of Benedictine Confederation and by the Archiepiscopal Decree XVl / 2014, it was canonically erected within the framework of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome, the Benedictine Order of the Missionaries of Charity, in the city of Paris- FR, welcoming the Fraternity of the Hermits of the Benedictine Order of Missionaries of Charity, Monks of Catholic Tradition. The same Archiepiscopal Decree appoints the Abbot Notker Wolf of the erected Order.
      The Monastic Fraternity Missionaries of Charity is institutionally linked to the Abbey of the Benedictine Monastic Order, located in Paris - FR, and following the tradition of the Cassinese monks. It presents / displays like reference of experience of contemplative / eremitic life next to the Province of the traditional Catholic communion of world and like center of studies and reception of new spiritual experiences. The Order of the Missionaries of Charity is equated, canonically, with a Particular Church, called "Territorial Abbey", as well as the prelatures and apostolic vicariates. It is considered as a Nullius Abbey, not dependent on any diocese and possessing its extended territory, being able to administer priories / monasteries / hermitages in world and abroad, always in tune with the Archdiocesan Miter of RCC.